Saturday, July 9, 2016

Daniel Gigiano Reviews

Hard work, dedication to the clients’ interests and commitment to quality are the hallmarks of an attorney’s trade.  It could be said that these are the building blocks of any successful business.  When an attorney with the right amount of knowledge and experience takes this approach, results begin to happen.  Results lead to positive reviews from clients.  In this case, Daniel Gigiano reviews.

How did I get this experience?  After graduating from law school and passing the bar in 1993, I started off prosecuting dozens of jury trials as an assistant prosecutor.  I took that experience into private practice, winning the first criminal defense case that I took to a jury trial in 2000.  It was an assault case that not only resulted in a not guilty verdict, but I portrayed the victim as the instigator of the entire incident. 

I continued to be aggressive, winning a DUI case in 2002, a felony drug case in 2002, forcing the State of Ohio to dismiss over 100 felony counts against my client in 2003, winning a felony theft of a motor vehicle case in 2007, obtaining a dismissal of a DUI case in 2007, winning a sexual imposition case in 2011, and winning an assault case in 2015.  These are not the only cases I tried, as I have tried over 40 jury trials to a verdict. 

Sometimes, victories happen in the courts of appeals.  My legal argument carried the day when the Ninth District Court of Appeals reversed a permanent custody ruling against my client.  This case, which is now commonly referred to as In Re A.P. II, established the legal standards and rights of legal custodians when faced with children services agencies.  The upshot is that my client was no longer permanently severed from the child’s life and was permitted to reunite with the child.  I have also helped other people in children services cases, obtaining a dismissal in 2012, and preventing a children services case and criminal charges from being filed in 2014. 

I handled substantial business bankruptcies.  In one case, I removed a large business mortgage while allowing the clients to keep their home in bankruptcy. In another, I obtained the discharge of over one million dollars in debt. 

Finally, I have worked hard to get serious results in personal injury cases, where clients have suffered serious injuries or served defective food. 

As a result, I have earned the respect of my clients and colleagues in reviews in Yelp, Yahoo,, Avvo’s attorney reviews, and Avvo’s client reviews.  You can find more of these reviews on Daniel Gigiano’s Reviews and Daniel Gigiano’s Ratings.                   

With so much as stake, there is no substitute for experience, knowledge and dedication.  Contact Attorney Gigiano today at 330-336-3330.  Attorney Gigiano’s office is conveniently located in downtown Wadsworth, Ohio.      

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